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Guyam Islet, Gen. Luna, Siargao Island
Driftwood Bench of Rayda Woodcraft
Surigao del Norte Provincial Capitol
Sohoton Cove, Bucas Grande Island
In response to the Government's thrust towards industrial development, especially in economically depressed area of northern Mindanao, a special economic zone was conceived by the proponent in close coordination with the local government units, the concerned line agencies and the private sector in the province.

The existence of supporting infrastructure makes the economic zone very viable. A 590-hectare area has been envisaged. Phase I shall cover 100-hectare inclusive of a 60-hectare site occupied by the Nickel Refinery which shall be maintained and operated by Philnico Processing Corporation as the first locator.

In 1996, the project proponent, PHILNICO tasked the SGV to prepare a feasibility study for the initial 100-hectare Economic Zone development of Nonoc Island. In April 1997, PHILNICO engaged the services of consultants which led to the approval on 23 December 1996 by the Board of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). On October 9, 1999, His Excellency President Joseph Estrada issued Presidential Proclamation No. 192 creating the Special Economic Zone in Nonoc Island with an initial area of 106.473 hectares.


Location The project is in the southern coast of Nonoc Island, within the political jurisdiction of Surigao City, Philippines.   Nonoc Island is at bearings 125 degrees 30 minutes East longitude and 9 degrees 50 minutes North Latitude with an average elevation of 39.0 meters above sea level.  It is bounded on the North by the Gaboc Channel, on the South by the Hinatuan Passage, on the East by Pacific Ocean, and on the West by Nonoc Bay.

Access to Site   Via Cebu by commercial flights to Surigao City.  High speed ferry also available from Cebu to Surigao City.  From Surigao City's port area, twice daily  pumpboats trips are available to Nonoc Island.  Pumpboat trip will take approximately 45 minutes crossing the Hinatu-an passage stretching approximately 16 kilometers.  The island has an accredited airport to accomodate private planes and chartered flights.

Climate    The climate is governed by three main air currents:  the east-northeast trade winds which occur from February to May; the northeast monsoon from November to March; and the southwest monsoon from May to October.  The average annual rainfall is about 303.3 mm while the mean annual temperature is 27.3 degrees Centigrade.
Existing Land Use   Nonoc Island is primarily classified as a mineral reservation to which PHILNICO has the mineral rights.   It hosts three barangays of Surigao City namely:  Nonoc, Talisay and Cantiasay whose total land area is 50.51 hectares.  There are no defined agricultural land although banana and coconut have been planted by the locals in quantities sufficient for commercial classification.

Development Stages
First Development  The area for the first development measures 106.81 hectares.  The nickel refinery, power plant, a pier, a tank farm and a water treatment plant are located in this area.   The 20-hectare area beside the refinery may be occupied by four additional locators namely:  an oxy-acetylene plant, a drum making plant, lime crushing plant, and a welding electrode plant.
Second Development The remaining 257.87 hectares shall be developed under the second PEZA application.  These shall be the building up of industrial plants and other industrial support services needed by the ECOZONE.

Third Development 
Since the rest of the area are still to be mined, building up of plants shall be done gradually.

Environmental Consideration An environmental assessment has pinpointed priority concerns, namely:  Drainage Systems,  Hazardous Material Disposal, Groundwater Supply and Contamination, Fugitive Dust, Tailings Dam Security and Capacity, Solid Waste Disposal and Environmental Damage Control Methods.

Existing Facilities Airport; Seaport; Water System; Electric Power System; Tank Farm
Surigao del Norte
Surfing Capital of the Philippines