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Fast Facts  

The province is blessed with the bounties of the land and sea.  It stores the country's largest nickel deposits. Other minerals abundant in the area are chromite, coal, iron, copper and gold.  It has about 100 islands encircled by some of the country's most beautiful coral reefs and sea walls.  It has immense tourism potentials with its mountains, white pebble beaches, grotesque rock formations and tall surf waves.
Surigao del Norte Provincial Capitol, Surigao City

Basic Info
Provincial Capital: Surigao City
Land Area: 273,902 hectares
Political Boundaries: Pacific Ocean in the North and East;
Provinces of Agusan Norte and Surigao del Sur in the South; Surigao Strait in the West
Political Subdivision: 1 city, 27 municipalities, 434 barangays
Population: 437,426 (1995)
Population Density: 161.45 persons per sq. km.
Population Growth Rate: 0.70 % (1995)
Dialects/Languages: Cebuano, Surigaonon
Literacy Rate: 94.01% (1995)
Power Provided by the 10MV Powerline of 
Surigao  Electric Cooperative sourced from the Maria Cristina Hydroelectric Power Plant. 100% of municipalities with electricity.
Water: Sourced from the Surigao Metropolitan 
Water District with a production capacity of 320,000 cu.m. per month 
Telecommunications: PLDT and other networks like PHILCOM, SMART, GLOBE
Cruztelco and Bayan Tel are operating in the province to serve the growing demand  of industrial and residential requirements
Health Facilities: 16 public and private hospitals
Schools: 11 higher educational institutions, over 500 elementary and secondary schools
Financial Institutions: 8 commercial banks, 3 government banks and 8 rural banks

Economic Facts
Exports: US $ 12.213 million in 1999 (mineral 
Php 3.521 billion (1999)
3,728 jobs generated (1999) 
Natural Resources: 
Mineral products (metallic and non-metallic), Aqua Marine, Essential Oils, Aqua-Marine Products, Fine Jewelry, Gem Stones, Essential Oils, Tourism Sites
Major Commodities:
Mineral Products - Chromite; Nickel Ore; Gold; Copper; silver; 
Aqua-Marine - fish,  prawn, seaweeds
  Essential Oils - Copra, Rice, Citronella and other agricultural products
Tourist Arrivals: Local:  57,979;    Foreign:  3,650 (1999)

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